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Horsens Municipality

A place of great culture and growth.

The business climate in Denmark ranks as the best in Europe according to The World Bank’s Doing Busines Report 2016.

Doing business in Denmark has proven to be fast, efficient and profitable. The country also offers highly skilled employees, a famously flexible labour market and a stable business environment. 

The Danish motorway network and public transportation system are modern, nationwide and optimised for growth.

Horsens is located in the centre of this network. With our own commercial harbour and nearby international airport, Horsens is the perfect spot for distribution of goods as well as for attracting labour.

Why move to Horsens?

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Let's talk business

Horsens Municipality’s Head of Business Development Jeppe Keller Jensen is your one-stop entry point to all things Horsens.

Reach out to him for more information on Horsens or to discuss business opportunities. He is the stepping stone to your Danish business ventures. Whether you need staffing or advice on buying or renting business premises, Jeppe is at your disposal.

Jeppe Keller
Head of Business Development
Phone: 51 49 02 42


Any questions?

Jeppe Keller
Head of Business Development
Horsens Municipality

Phone: 51 49 02 42